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[added April 2017]


Medieval, authors A to E and Post-medieval sections


Ceynowa, B. and Trawicka, E. (eds.) (2016) "Każdy krok pozostawia ślad". Obuwie historyczne ze zbiorów Muzeum Archeologicznego w Gdańsku, Katalog ["Every step leaves a trace". Historic footwear from the Collection of the Archaeological Museum in Gdańsk, Exhibition catalogue], Gdańsk, Archaeological Museum. Available to read online at:


[added March 2017]


History of Leather Processing/Manufacture


Elnaggar, A., Leona, M., Nevin, A., and Heywood, A.(2017), 'The Characterization of Vegetable Tannins and Colouring Agents in Ancient Egyptian Leather from the Collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art', Archaeometry 59, 133–147. [contains colour photos of the grain patterning of  leather from crocodile, camel and snake – along with that from goat, sheep, cow/calf and deer.]


[added July 2016]


Medieval, authors M to Z


Moens, J. (2015) ‘Leerresten uit het archeologisch onderzoek op het Sint-Martensplein, de Oude Vismarkt en de Stoofstraat te Aalst’, Relicta 13, 125-156. [Shoe parts, shoemaking waste and other leather finds from three sites in the city of Aalst, Belgium. 12th-14th century] available online:


Moens J., Troubleyn L. and Kinnaer F. (2015) ‘Het afval van schoenlappers/ oudeschoenmakers uit de site Ganzendries te Mechelen’, Relicta 13, 157-200. [Shoemaking, cobbling and other leather waste (belts, scabbard) from excavations in the city of Mechelen, Belgium, c.1250-1350] available online at: